How to Split PDF Files into Individual Pages. A Complete Guide

06 Apr 2022

How to Split PDF Files into Individual Pages. A Complete Guide

Using tools and applications without having information about it can be difficult for you. You may try to use that tool and may end up losing your time.

If we talk about the PDF splitter, it is also one of them that can help you separate the pages from a PDF document. This online tool is quite simple and easy to use. Still, some individuals face difficulty while using it or separating the pages.

To make it easy for them and separate the files on each device, here we will provide a detailed guide that can be helpful for users in understanding it’s working.

1. Using online tool

One of the most convenient ways that most of the users prefer is by using an online tool. No matter if they are making the assignments or checking the fluency of the text, everyone tries to go for an online tool.

Same when we talk about the online PDF splitter, it is one of the best options for users to separate pages from their files and make their workflow better.

The benefit of using online tools is that you don’t need to install them on the device. Indeed, users can get access to the tools without going for installation.

Most of the users, who have to work online or have less storage in their device, prefer to use online tools and complete their tasks.

It is because it not only helps them to keep the data safe but also makes the working easy. Here we will tell you the steps that you need to follow before using an online tool.

• Open your browser and search for a free PDF separator there.

• Go for the one that is preferred by the users and search engine. For it, you can look for the ratings and reviews on that specific tool.

• Now you will see the “upload” button on the tool. It will take you to the folders in your device from where you can select the file.

• Now click on the document that you want to split.

• Here it will separate all the pages of that PDF file. Click on all the pages that you want to take out from that document.

• After selecting those pages, click on the download button and it will save all the new pages on your device.

2. Benefits of using PDF splitter

Using online tools will always benefit the users and make their working easy and fast. Same goes for the PDF splitter. Here are some advantages that you all need to know about a PDF splitter.

• Keep the files secure

The first benefit that users can get with the help of PDF splitter is that your data remains secure in the entire process. So, the threat of losing important files is not in this tool.

While doing all this process manually, there are chances that you remove some lines from the content or delete a page. But this online tool ensures to keep the data safe and satisfy the users.

• Make the working fast

Manual tasks always take more time and the chances of making errors are also high. But there is no such scenario in the case of online tools.

In the PDF splitter tool, you have to upload the files and select the pages that you want to separate. It will provide you with the results in very less time.

• Easy processing 

The interface of this online tool is very simple and can make the working better. You just have to upload your PDF documents on this tool and it will instantly provide you with the results.

Due to this element, users can choose an online PDF splitter instead of separating the pages manually.

3. Other methods of using PDF splitter

Here are other ways that you can use to split the PDF files and convert them to a single page. Let’s dive deep and talk about these methods.

• Splitting files on Windows

Using this tool on Windows is not a difficult task. You just have to follow some simple steps and you can easily take out the pages that you need to separate.

Here are simple steps that you need to remember while using and you can easily extract the pages that you need separately.

• Type the PDF splitter for windows on the search engine. There you will get this online tool. You have to download it on your computer.

• Right after the download process, next you need to install that file in your system and run the program so you can start working on that.

• After the installation process completes, add the file that you are looking to split or take out pages.

• There you will get the option of managing pages. Click here and it will provide an option to select the pages.

• Once you select all the pages from your devices, click on the extract button. 

• Allocate the location for the new file and it will save new documents there in the system.

• Splitting files on Mac

The other method that can also be considered to split the pages from a PDF file is by using this tool on Mac. Millions of users have to use Mac so this section can be helpful for them.

In this part, we are going to discuss the elements that need to be followed. Users should remember these tips while splitting PDF files.

• Look for the PDF splitter on the search engine that you can run on Mac.

• Install it in your system and run the application so you can complete tasks here.

• Now open the file on this tool that you want to split.

• Select the pages that you want to separate from the original file.

• After that click on the extract button. It will take out all the pages into a separate file so you will have a new PDF document in the system.

• Now select the location where you want to keep that document.

Things to remember

You have to select all the pages in a sequence because the tool will save the new pages in the order in which you have designated.

4. Bottom lines

Although PDF files are not editable you can still make changes in your files and separate the pages from there without converting them to any other format.

This is quite possible with the help of PDF splitters. Many users get the benefit of these tools to save their time and make the work fast.

All of the methods are discussed in this article and hope these all approaches can be beneficial for the users and help them boost productivity.