Top 10 Must Have Features of a PDF Splitter

04 Apr 2022

Top 10 Must Have Features of a PDF Splitter

PDF splitter tools are used to break up a PDF document into more than one segment or reduce a multi-page PDF document into smaller sections.

These tools are very beneficial when you want to split up pages from the main PDF file and keep it separate. This is mainly helpful in case you need to make adjustments to the PDF file stored, extract specific pages, and use it in some other file.

PDF splitting tools are also useful in making smaller PDF documents that are less of a rush to manage and share with others.

Here are the 10 Top Best Features of A SplitPDF tool:

1. Free of Cost 

PDF separator is an online PDF tool that lets you have limitless access for personal and business purposes. This PDF splitter is completely free of cost and does not cost you even a cent.

Our PDF splitter tool is completely online, you can use it from around the globe with only a working internet connection and an internet browser.

2. Universal Compatibility

In terms of compatibility, it works quite easily on all browsers and OS (Operating Systems).  This tool provides the best compatibility with quite a lot of machines used these days from MAC, and PC to mobile phones.

It is ensured that these tools are simple to be used by anybody on any device with an internet connection in addition to search engines like google so that they run easily with no issues.  

PDF format is the most optimal document format for creating documents and can be launched on all platforms and operating systems with the assistance of PDF applications.

3. Fast and Quick Process

This PDF Splitter is a speedy tool that helps you split your PDF document in just a few seconds.  The complete process to split your PDF document is quick, direct, and fast. 

The PDF splitter tool with no trouble converts Excel spreadsheets into PDF files at a moment's notice.  As the process takes place instantly, you do not need to press any buttons for that to happen. 

As well as that there are no extra buttons that you need to click on or settings that you need to set to get the task done.

4. Safety and Protection 

While using Split PDF, be assured of the complete safety of your files.  Some websites or tools may also steal your information and leak it to different companies, which may pose danger to you in any manner and is unsafe. 

All data at the server of the PDF splitter is processed through current digital safety algorithms which prevent any virtual interception of your information, so users no longer thought to fear their information being misused. 

5. File Order Customization

Once the document file is uploaded, you'll be given access to change the order of your uploaded files before starting the split process.

You can change the order of the files manually by selecting the pages yourself, or you can split them by page numbers and also both by fixed and custom ranges. 

6. Simple UI (User Interface)

Almost all of the PDF Splitter tools are internet-based these days and are designed in a user-friendly interface and features that any person can make use of to his or her wishes accordingly.  

They are designed in a way that the user does not get confused or get lost in a sense on the page not knowing where to click or what to do. 

7. No Download Required 

The other thing that makes this tool such a user-oriented tool is that SplitPDF requires no downloads and is completely online.  All you need to do is search for the tool and click on the link to begin. 

You may have a few devices that you may use for your work, and downloading any offline software may be one extra problem and bring about losing your productivity time and energy.

Downloadable software can actually sometimes cause some problems for your system as you never know when the application may crash, similarly in some of instances you may need to install updates, which is again another thing that takes up both your time and space. 

Unlike other different tools or programs, SplitPDF certainly requires no downloads at all.

8. Quality Retention 

One of the best things about this PDF splitter tool is that it does reduce the quality of the final document and completes the process in minimum time using minimum device power. 

9. No Data Retention

Split PDF does not at all keep your personal data in any manner because its algorithm is designed not to store any confidential data in its servers. 

Every one of the split files is fully deleted after a predetermined time in case you do not erase them yourself or forget to do so. 

This is a feature that is very helpful. 

10. No Account Required 

One of the other most convenient features of the PDF splitter tool is that it does not require any accounts or sign-ups of any kind, so it means that all you need to do is add or drag and drop your documents and just wait for the process. 

The majority of online or even offline tools require customers to create an account to just use the program or tool.

The user account requirement is simply an inconvenience for the user who just simply needs one basic task done in no time. 

So there is absolutely no requirement to create an account to split your PDF documents.

Just go to the homepage and start splitting files right now with no interruptions. 

Such tools are supposed to be easy to make use of and easy for anybody and everybody to use. 


A PDF Splitter is an easy software program that permits you to break up big PDF documents into a couple of segments in only one click.

A PDF splitter will resolve some of these troubles and extra via a way of splitting the file into a couple of separate documents. 

You may also have confronted conditions in which you needed to print out a whole report however it became too large in your printer, or while the downloaded file has certain issues that may prevent the user from printing the file and that can be tough to manage, or there have are more than one pages in a single PDF record that you may desire to store separately.

A PDF splitter will resolve these troubles via a way of splitting the file into a couple of documents.